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VOTW: The weirdest seatbelt commercial ever

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

I saw this on Mercedes-Benz Press feed. They had it labeled at the “most beatiful seatbelt commercial ever”.

Respectfully, that seems like a rubbish statement. First, seatbelts are not beautiful, they are not a typical target for advertisers. That said, they are function. I suppose the creators of this ad probably thought, “let’s find a new way to demonstrate the usefulness of seatbelts, other than using the time-honored ‘crash-test’ scene”. I guess you can applaud the creativity, but let’s condemn the impact. I seriously doubt anyone is paying much attention to this advert – except us.


Weekend Entertainment: PunchDub

Friday, April 16th, 2010

VW may have finally come up with an advertising “hit” to follow-up on a disappointing “Pimp ze Auto” campaign. This new campaign called PunchDub encourages you to hit your fellow passenger whenever you see a VW drive by you. Aside from being slightly humorous, this campaign is destined to be a hit with Americans who love a good bit of physical violence.

Tracked: MINI Cooper E

Monday, April 12th, 2010

It is fair to argue that a car isn’t a car until it has been driven on the Nürburgring. A 20+KM public road in Germany, it is driven by professionals and amateurs alike in every road-worthy car imaginable.  The current record for a production car is 6:48 in a Radical SR8LM sports car. Gumpert’s Apollo sports car comes in at a still brisk, 7:11. A slightly altered MINI Cooper E concept car – well, just watch and see!

Not amazingly quick, but at least it outpaces a Ford Transit van as demonstrated by the great Sabine Schmitz in this video:

Weekend Entertainment: House Porsche

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

I know what you’re thinking much of the time… “if I get into a fight with my spouse and all I get to take with me is the car, which car should it be?”

For obvious reasons, a Lotus Elise is out since you can’t pack so much as your under garments into the boot, but what about a Porsche? Maybe the 911 or Cayenne or Panamera, but a Boxster??? At least you will be sure to awake with the sun!

VW/Audi “UPs” the electric ante — Q1 2010 Update

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

No doubt that Audi started the year off with a bang. Audi with VW, Mercedes, and BMW have all been pushing diesel-powered cars lately, and even Porsche has joined in the party. But the Audi A3 has been a “slow seller” for Audi in America. It sells massively in Europe where petrol prices are sky-high but Audi has likely been looking for new ways to move the car on this side of the pond. That said, the A3 diesel seems like a good option – it’s relatively spacious and gets real-world gas mileage every bit as good as a Prius.

Observers were no doubt surprised to see Audi spending serious buck at the Super Bowl to promote the clean diesel technology. Indeed, Audi’s humorous “green police” commercial was well composed and sent the message that diesel is the new hybrid. Indeed, it is still cheaper technology as well. (more…)

Happy Valentines Day! Chocolate-covered Porsche ladies?

Thursday, April 1st, 2010


See the gallery of this festive holiday treat here:

Oh wait, Happy April Fools! You can’t REALLY eat it!