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Weekend entertainment? Fiesta vs. Lamborghini?

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Is it possible that viral marketing videos from OEMs are growing old????

Very possible if you are Ford making a half-baked effort to compare the “new” Fiesta to a Lamborghini Gallardo. Presumably a few people watched this video, but no doubt all were disappointed. Even the “cupcake addict” failed to get me all that excited… Uff!

Analysis: EPA’s proposed fuel efficiency notification change leaves much to be desired

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

EPA fuel economy proposed sticker

The big news of the day, aside from Tom Brady crashing his Audi S8, is that the EPA wants to change the Fuel Economy stickers that appear on all new cars. The current sticker uses numbers to explain a vehicle’s fuel economy. The proposal stick would take that idea and but a big fat letter grade on the sticker. The motivation may be in good faith, but the practicality of the proposed change leaves much to be desired so far as consumer education are concerned.

Beyond the KM’s concern with putting a letter grade versus a nominal integer is that people associate letter grades on products in the same way they associate letter grades with school performance.


Weekend entertainment: which makes the best “getaway” car?

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

If you have ever been to Germany and gotten to know people, you might notice that their sense of humour is a little different from that of say Americans or Chinese. Indeed, it is in a league of its own, and this German television show demonstrates it. For those of you not fluent in German, basically what happens is that the fugitive duo rob a fake bank and try to get away in 3 simulations of 3 different cars: the MTM Audi TT, the Magnum Turbo S, and the Dodge Challenger. The “polizei” is driving a BMW 123d and attempts to catch up. Guess who wins? (hint: not the Dodge!) This is certainly a new interpretation on the film Ronin’s Audi S8 car chase!

Enjoy the weekend!

Oh, and if you love the S8 in Ronin, you can see it here: