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Turkey Day Video: Porsche 911 hunted by Turkey

I admit, several years ago, I was nearly in an altercation with a Bison in South Dakota in the middle of a state park. On another trip with some of my German friends we came across some burrow/donkey-like creatures wandering about the same park on the road in front of me (incidentally, if you know what kind of animal this really is, please leave a comment):

Custer State Park, 2003

Of course, you would be right to wonder why such wild animals (and there were many of them) would hang out in the middle of a road like this.

The answer is because of fat slobs like this, who stop,  get out of their car and feed them:

Ugly Americans

Do note they are not driving a European car.

So that leads us on to a recent episode posted to YouTube.com in which a guy in a Porsche 911 Cabriolet gets “hunted” by some Wild Turkeys. After digging around, several sources seemed to confirm that these turkeys can get aggressive, and they can run on foot to about 25 miles per hour (40 KM/hr), and fly up to 55 mph (89 KM/hr). Of course, even such a “vicious” animal is no match for the 911, which eventually gets away.

the.LIFE Candid: Porsche Vehicle Gets Chased By Two Angry Turkeys!
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Happy Thanksgiving!

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