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Off-topic: 2012 Elections Analysis

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

Note to my regular readers, if you are not interested in U.S. politics, you may consider ignoring this insightful and interesting article. I will be posting more automotive industry analysis soon, rest assured!


CNN's Electoral Predictions Map

It is 2012, and we are nearing the end of the election season.

Admittedly, I am sick of hearing about largely irrelevant issues like taxation and federal deficits. Both parties have had ample opportunity to reduce the federal deficit and failed to do so, even under complete control of Congress and the Presidency.

Anyway, I thought I would take the quadrennial opportunity to put my Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science to good use. I will thank Nebraska Wesleyan University professor and elections scholar Dr. Jan Vermeer for getting me started on this whole interest in U.S. Elections analysis.

CNN’s latest polling reveals some interesting results, (more…)