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Driven Magazine takes a behind-the-scenes tour of Pagani

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

A big part of what drives Beyond the KM is the desire to better understand the companies that produce the finest cars in the world. Driven has taken a first-hand tour of the Pagani facility, which includes some great interview footage with Horatio Pagani, the founder.

FACT: A square meter of carbon fiber fabric is $300 or so. Now you know why some of these cars sell for $2million!

A Pagani for America

Sunday, January 25th, 2009


After the Pagani Zonda F laid down a seriously quick, record-breaking time at the Nurburgring,


Pagani Zonda breaking the record at Nurburgring.

Pagani Zonda breaking the record at Nurburgring.



the people at Pagani were propositioned to build a limited edition of just five (5) cars, which are called the Cinque, seen here:

Pagani Zonda Cinque

The Cinque comes as a precursor to the next generation Pagani supercar, which is due out later this year. According to Pagani’s Catia Pramazzoni, the car will be completely new and will see a production number of 60 cars per year. More importantly, this is the first car from Pagani to be sold to the U.S. market. Pagani estimates that half of the production run will be sold in the U.S.

LeftLane News has posted some “spy shots” of the new car on its site, here:


Click on the image to see LeftLane News site on the new Pagani Zonda.

Click on the image to see LeftLane News' site on the new Pagani Zonda.


Pagani says the specs for the Cinque include:

- Mercedes Benz AMG engine, 678 hp, 

- ECU, Traction control , ABS by Bosch Engineering 

- Inconel/titanium exhaust system coated with ceramic 

- Suspensions in magnesium and titanium 

- Cima sequential gearbox (6 speed), robotized by Automac enginnering 

- APP monolitic wheels forged in aluminium and magnesium. 

Size: front 9×19 – rear 12,5×20 

- Pirelli PZero tyres. Size: front 255/35/19 – rear 335/30/20 

- Toora Racing leather/carbon fibre racing seats 

- Carbon fibre steering wheel 

- Brembo brakes in carbo-ceramic self ventilated with hydraulic servo brake, 

Size: front 380×34 mm, monolitic 6 piston caliper; rear 380×34 mm, monolitic 

4 piston caliper. 

- Dry weight 1.210 kg 

- Weight distribution in driving condition: 47% front, 53% rear 

- Acceleration: 0-100 Km in 3.4 sec., 0-200 in 9.6 sec. 

- Braking: 100-0 km in 2.1 sec., 200-0 km 4.3 sec. 

- Maximum side acceleration: 1,45 G (with road tyres)