Company Overview: Ferrari

Ferrari Bio-Fuel F430

Summary of the main figures for 2007:

Sales to end clients6,465 cars homologated for road use, as compared to 5,671 in 2006 (+14%)

Consolidated turnover1,668 million euro with respect to 1,447 in 2006 (+15.3%)

Trading Profit: 266 million euro as compared to 183 in 2006 (+45.4%)

Net financial position: +299 million euro compared to +213 million euro in 2006

Resources allocated for Investment and Research and Development299 million euro, the equivalent of 18% of turnover (232 million euro in 2006 or 16% of turnover)

Employees2,926 on December 31st 2007


Ferrari in North and South America
2007 was the 15th consecutive year of growth for Ferrari North America with 1,762 cars delivered in the United States and Canada and a further 90 in Central and South America, amounting to 1,851 Ferraris altogether. This figure represents 30% of Ferrari’s total sales worldwide, making North America the company’s largest market. Sales were also up 8% on the previous year’s figures for the North, Central and South American market.

There are 45 dealerships in Ferrari’s American network: 32 are in the United States, 4 in Canada and 9 in South America. The North American dealership network has invested $70 million over the last three years in upgrading its infrastructure while a further $30 million will be spent in 2008.

California is the largest of the North American markets, accounting for 27% of sales. It is followed by North East (16%), Florida (11%), Texas (7%) and Chicago (6%). The leading South American markets are Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile and Argentina.